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Parents get 8 applicants to take over Central Los Angeles school

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A group of parents says eight organizations have expressed interest in taking over a failing Los Angeles elementary school, including the district that already runs it.

The 24th Street Elementary School Parents' Union said Tuesday that six charter operators, an organization headed by a former teacher at the school and the Los Angeles Unified School District all sent letters of interest.

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The school is located in a low-income area of central Los Angeles and is currently a district school. Parents filed a petition two weeks ago under California's parent-empowerment law to force drastic change there.

Superintendent John Deasy has said he wants to work with parents on reforms.

Parent organizer Amabilia Villeda says the group will ask applicants to submit proposals detailing how they would run the school.

The parents are being helped by Parent Revolution, which describes itself on its website as:

"Our mission: To transform public education based on what is good for children, not adults, by empowering parents to transform their under-performing schools through community organizing."

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