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Glendale man allegedly hacked, coerced more than 350 women to get naked

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Federal authorities have arrested a Glendale man for allegedly hacking into hundreds of social media and email accounts to coerce more than 350 women into showing him their naked bodies.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison says 27-year-old Karen "Gary" Kazaryan was arrested Tuesday after being named in a 30-count indictment returned Friday.

Kazaryan allegedly hacked into victims' accounts and searched Facebook messages, emails and other files for nude pictures of the victims.

He then posed as a friend, persuading them to strip while he watched and photographed.

When victims discovered Kazaryan was posing as a friend, he often extorted them again by using photos he had fraudulently obtained to coerce victims into stripping, sometimes posting the photos to their Facebook pages.

He faces up to 105 years in prison.

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