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Chris Brown: Alleged threat to shoot Frank Ocean follows fishy community service records

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Los Angeles County prosecutors filed a motion Tuesday asking for a do-over of the recording artist's community labor sentence following the brutal 2009 felony assault of then-girlfriend, and again-girlfriend, Rihanna.

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A log of the court-mandated hours — which were permitted to be served in Virgina — was submitted with discrepancies so significant that Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray called the paperwork "at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting," reports the Associated Press.

Richmond police submitted documents last year indicating Brown had completed his sentence, but records showed the singer on double shifts in the city, and at a day care center where his mother once worked. 

Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos calls the motion by L.A. prosecutors defamatory and shameful, and says he intends to seek sanctions against them at at a hearing Wednesday. He says Murray's office has sworn statements from Richmond police indicating Brown's community service was supervised.

FILE: Read full motion below

Meanwhile, a report filed with the probation motion states that singer Frank Ocean told investigators Brown threatened to shoot him during a fight over a parking space at a Los Angeles-area studio on Jan. 27.

Ocean told investigators that Brown punched him, someone yelled an anti-gay slur and that Brown and his entourage said they could "bust" him, which prosecutors wrote is slang for "shoot."

The L.A. Times reports that L.A. Sheriff's Department officials said they still have to interview Ocean a final time, but that they planned to close the investigation because Ocean publicly stated he did not wish to press charges. 

Other allegations of possible previous parole violations include marijuana use, not securing a travel permit, an incident with a fan's phone in Miami and smashing a giant window in his "Good Morning America" dressing room.

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