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Oscars 2013: Print out our Oscar ballots, bingo cards and play along at home!

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Replace the ink cartridge and chill the cheese plate, it's time for the 85th Annual Academy Awards! Here are all the party printables you need.

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  • Download, print, and play at home. Listen to the  self-billed experts and then make your own decisions on Feb. 24. Our  crystal ball Oscar predictor  can help the prognostication efforts with a rundown of nominee buzz, awards already won, official trailers, photos, and more.


  • Download, print, and play at home. Use our   custom generator  to create more cards.
  • How to play: Mark off each block when you hear these words or see these things happen during the Oscar telecast on Sunday. When you get five blocks in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) stand up and shout "OSCAR!!"  Alternate rules: Play as a drinking game and for every block, take a sip. Finished a row? Finish your drink.





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