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Sequester: Obama mixes up Star Wars, Star Trek. Nerds rage. Meme born

white house star wars star trek meme
white house star wars star trek meme

President Obama's overlapping science fiction references at a pre-sequester presser prompted a quick social media reaction to the flub.

What did he do? In response to a question at a Friday press briefing, the president said this:  He wouldn't do a "Jedi mind-meld" with Congress' top two Republicans to persuade them "to do what's right."

As your 6 year old knows, Jedis are from "Star Wars." A "mind meld" is from "Star Trek."

Naturally, social media were quick to react.

(Check out more below.)

But the White House — sensing a disturbance in the Force — were quick to jump on the contretemps with a meme of  dueling fontspoking fun at POTUS' Star Wars/Star Trek slip and making a point while trying to quell a nation of nerd rage. (The rift between Wars/Trek was recently aggravated by the news that J.J. Abrams will be manhandling new films for both outer space franchises.)

Empire-on-Enterprise and Starfleet-meets-Skywalker are fine distraction from the sequester, but  what about Congress? Let's turn now to political analyst Spock.

"Only a Vulcan mind meld would be effective on this Congress. LLAP," Leonard Nimoy emailed after the Associated Press sought his reaction. 

As you were.