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Still no verdict in Bell corruption trial after jury hears read-back of testimony

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Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley looks at a display of current and former City of Bell council members who were arrested on September 21, 2010 and face corruption charges.

The jury in the corruption trial involving six former Bell city council members has ended its 10th day of deliberations after listening to a read-back of testimony.

The jury asked the court clerk to read back 20 pages' worth of testimony from Maria Grimaldo, an investigator with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Here’s what the jury’s request to LA Superior Court judge Kathleen Kennedy said:

Your Honor, may we have a read back of testimony from attorney Kessel’s cross of Grimaldo regarding the DA’s office request for documents establishing pay for council members, boards, and authorities. (Specially regarding defense O, but any other testimony as well if it covers this subject.)

Another jury note asked for some of the prosecution's exhibits and six copies of each “so we can speed up deliberations"

One of the jurors had an afternoon appointment, so the panel ended the day at 1 p.m. They'll return to deliberations tomorrow morning.

All six former Bell city officials—George Mirabal, George Cole, Oscar Hernandez, Luis Artiga, Victor Bello and Teresa Jacobo—were present in court for this morning's testimony read-back.

They are charged with misappropriation of public funds in a 20-count felony complaint and accused of bloating their salaries with the city’s treasury funds. All face prison time if convicted.

The defense’s argued that the council members earned their salaries by working full time and behind the scenes in the low-income community to better the city. 

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