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'Games For Cats': Game design hackathon hits LA; feline uprising imminent

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The feline revolution will not be televised. But it may be provoked by an app.

Friskies, now with a promising future as the Skynet of fluffy kittyheads, is hosting its a "Games for Catsgame jam/competition in Los Angeles on March 23-24.

The two-day "Hackathon," held at Amplify in Venice Beach, will find designers clawing and collaborating to see who can build the best app or game. The winner will strut home with $15,000.

Regarding possible damage to your precious iPad, Friskies says "the alkali-aluminosilicate glass screen on the iPad stands up to our cat's claws." Regarding possible damage to your precious cat, that's a whole different ball of string. 

ASPCA's "Guidelines for Play" say to avoid laser light toys because cats can become frustrated or obsessed chasing something they can never catch. Screens, it would seem, present a similar problem.

All play mimics hunting, so be sure to reward your kitty with a real-life, tactile toy it can catch and "kill" at the end of every virtual playtime.

Let's not find out what two billion frustrated pussycats are capable of.


1) iPad Game

2) Paper game

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