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Pasadena PD: officers who shot Kendrec McDade acted "within departmental policy"

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Two officers who shot and killed an unarmed teenager last year while responding to a robbery call acted “within departmental policy,” according to a newly-released Pasadena Police Department internal review.

Officers Jeffery Newlen and Matthew Griffin shot 19-year old Kendrec McDade on March 24. The incident occurred while officers were responding to a call about an armed robbery.

Caller Oscar Carrillo told a 911 operator that two men with guns had taken his backpack. But he later admitted that he lied about the guns because he believed that telling the police guns were involved would make them respond faster.

Newlen and Griffin said McDade matched the description of one of the thieves. Newlen chased the teenager on foot while Griffin drove their patrol car ahead to cut him off. The shooting happened when McDade turned and ran toward the vehicle, with Griffin firing first and Newlen firing when he heard gunshots. The officers fired multiple rounds, hitting McDade seven times. He died later at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s office closed its criminal investigation into the shooting in December, declining to prosecute because the investigators determined the officers had “acted in lawful self-defense and in defense of each other.”

McDade’s mother has filed a civil lawsuit against the Pasadena Police Department and the officers.

The FBI and the L.A. County Office of Independent Review are also reviewing the shooting.

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