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FAAwlty towers: Legal madcappery delays sequestration shutdown of airport control towers

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57112 full

The Federal Aviation Administration announced that the shutdown of 11 airport control towers in California will be delayed to deal with legal challenges.

Closures were due to begin this weekend because of government-wide spending cuts, but the FAA said Friday it's postponing the closings of 149 control towers nationwide until mid June.

In California, the following 11 towers are affected:

  1. Brown Field in San Diego
  2. Ramona Airport
  3. Oxnard Airport
  4. Riverside Municipal Airport
  5. Whiteman Airport in Pacoima
  6. Fullerton Municipal Airport
  7. Gen. William J. Fox Airfield in Lancaster
  8. Castle Airport in Merced County
  9. Executive Airport in Sacramento
  10. Salinas Municipal Airport
  11. Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville

Despite the delay, the FAA said the towers, which are operated by private contractors, will be shut down or turned over to local authorities on June 15.


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