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San Bernardino Sheriff's Department releases audio of Christopher Dorner 911 call from Big Bear couple (Listen)

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Audio of the 911 call a Big Bear couple placed February 12 after being tied up by Christopher Dorner was released Tuesday at the request of several media organizations, including KPCC. 

In the partially redacted recording, a woman, presumably Karen Reynolds, calmly explains to a dispatcher how she and her husband, presumably Jim Reynolds, came to check on one of the condos on their property around noon that day, only to find Christopher Dorner inside. 

"I'm pretty sure he's been here the whole time," Reynolds, who was still tied up at the time but managed to use her cell phone, tells the dispatcher. Reynolds gives a description of her truck, a Nissan Rogue, which she says Dorner took. She also tells the dispatcher Dorner was armed with an automatic rifle equipped with a silencer.

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Reynolds tells the dispatcher the couple lives on the property, across the street from the golf course building law enforcement had used as a command center in the early days of the manhunt for Dorner.

"You guys are just across from the command center?" the audibly incredulous dispater says.

Reynolds also asks the dispatcher to call the cellphone of her daughter, who was working around the property with a housekeeper when the couple entered their condo. 

"We're not sure if they're safe," Reynolds tells the dispatcher. 

Note: KPCC has made some small edits to cut long periods of silence. Otherwise this audio is unedited

About 15 minutes into the call, Reynolds, still tied up, cries out in pain, apparently having fallen, and repeatedly asks the dispatcher if anyone is coming for the couple.

"They're on their way," the dispatcher assures her. "We have several units out."

At about 17 minutes into the call, the dispatcher tells Reynolds deputies are on the property, attempting to locate the right unit. 

"Can you hear them," the dispatcher asks. 

"No," Reynolds replies. "All the windows and doors are closed."

At about 19 minutes into the call, deputies locate the couple, and begin untying them. 

The Reynolds first told their story to reporters the following day, after confusion led to widespread reports that two housekeepers had been tied up by Dorner. They've since come forward to claim the $1 million dollar reward offered by law enforcement during the Dorner manhunt. A second party, the man who Dorner carjacked after crashing the Reynolds' truck, has also laid claim to the reward.

The Los Angeles Police Department is taking applications for the reward, due April 19.

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