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Coachella 2013, 1st weekend, 2nd day: About last night, a giant snail, and how Daft Punk stole the show

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If you hang out in the desert, expect to find a pocket of chosen people. On Friday night, the early birds for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were given that honor — they were chosen to see an extended video teaser for Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" — a new song that sounds like soul music for robots. 

A saint with a cell phone Memorexed the moment and uploaded it to YouTube, and just like that, the annual dream of Daft Punk's messianic return to Coachella is alive in Indio. Or at least word-of-mouth promotion for their new record is.

The French duo's forthcoming album Random Access Memories is expected in May (check out a list of the collaborators at the end of the clip).

You can watch archived video of Saturday's events here: 

KPCC's Ben Bergman sums up the first night's performances with a tidy "Jurassic 5 returns, Stone Roses fall flat:"

After a seven-year hiatus South Central hip-hop group Jurassic 5 returned to the stage Friday night with little sign of rust. Despite being on the outdoor stage, they drew one of the biggest crowds of the night.

Many people questioned The Stone Roses getting a headlining slot on the main stage and their performance did little to challenge the doubters. The group is iconic in England, but less known here because they didn’t perform until just before they broke up in the mid 90’s. Lead signer Ian Brown appeared to be off-key at times. The crowd was as small for a headliner in recent memory.
Earlier in the evening, the New-York based Indie band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, delivered a high octane set. Lead singer Karen’s O choice of papal-like headwear led one person in the crowd to say “She’s dressed like the pope!”

More than one artist from colder climates commented on the 90-plus desert heat.
Blur’s Damon Albarn told the audience the weather has been miserable in his native England, so baking in the sun was a welcome change. England was topped by Icelandic Indie band Monsters and Men. “We’re from Iceland, you know,” lead singer Nanna Bryndis told the crowd. “It’s not very warm there.”

"Ben vs. the polo field | In real time"


Check back throughout the weekend for more photos, videos, mayhem, and music.


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