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More can, less beer? LA brewery among first to package Budweiser 'bowtie' cans



Budweiser Bowtie Can: Beginning May 6, Budweiser will be available in a new bowtie-shaped aluminum cans that mirror the brand's iconic bowtie logo.

Despite a major hole in the bowtie camera market, Anheuser-Busch has put their money behind developing a bowtie beer can and will soon be introducing the new shape of Budweiser to the publicBreweries in Los Angeles and Williamsburg, Va., will be the first to package the new cans. 

InBev, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch, announced Wednesday that the bowtie cans will be available nationwide in special 8-packs beginning May 6. To find your nearest purchase location, call 1-800-dial-Bud.


"This can is incomparable, like nothing you’ve ever seen before," said Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch, in the official news release.  "The world’s most iconic beer brand deserves the world’s most unique and innovative can. I think we have it here."

The new design — which mirrors Budweiser's iconic logo since 1956 — has been in development since 2010, and major equipment investments were made at its can-making facility in Newburgh, N.Y. to facilitate the 16-step creation process.

Beer shape innovation sometimes comes at a cost, and such is the case here, with a bit of the brew being sacrificed to the design gods — the new cans hold 11.3 ounces of beer, compared to the traditional 12 ounces. The new can won't be replacing the old can, however, so traditionalists need not panic.

Maybe we can just have Clydesdales instead?

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