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LA County to state: Prison overcrowding plan can't include realignment expansion

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California has about a week and a half to come up with a plan for lowering its prison population by about 9,000 additional inmates by the end of the year.

L.A. County Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers wants to be clear that one option is not on the table.

"Under no circumstances are counties interested in expanding the current realignment population," Powers said.

Powers, appearing before the L.A. Board of Supervisors Tuesday, said he was just back from a meeting in Sacramento with officials from the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Powers said he and officials from other counties made it clear they're not willing to take on any more new offenders.

Earlier this month, a federal court threatened to hold Governor Jerry Brown in contempt if he didn't come up with a plan to meet court-ordered overcrowding reduction in the prison system. Brown has said the court order is out of date, and doesn't take into account vast improvements California has made to its prison medical and mental health systems.

The state vowed to appeal, but still must submit a plan for those 9,000 inmates.

Powers also said counties would not accept any plan that involved releasing inmates early from prison.

"There's some capacity out there that the state can find, and that's our preference," Powers said. "Go out there and find some capacity that will get you into compliance with this court order."

The state's plan is due May 2.

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