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Echo Park Lake is alive! Fountains spring into action for the first time in 2 years

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Echo Park Lake fountains were turned on as the multi-year, multi-million dollar rehabilitation project approaches completion.

Echo Park Lake — set to reopen next month after a two-year, multi-million dollar rehab that included a massive cleanup, draining and replanting effort — is showing signs of life after a prolonged dry spell.

The "Lady of the Lake" statue returned in January, the bridge is in place and in recent days Echo Park Lake passerbys have documented their delight in seeing the fountains turned on, reports the Eastsider LA.

In advance of the grand opening, a Joint Meeting of the Oversight and the Odor Monitoring Committees took place in March where "representatives from the Bureau of Engineering and Council District 13 joined community members in providing the final details on the project wrap-up," reports Echo Park Now.

To follow, Curbed LA listed "8 Things To Know" about the lake opening, and meeting minutes were made public. As you might imagine, the Q&A portion is particularly amazing. Here is a sample:

Q: Will there be a Lotus festival in July?
A: This has been canceled. (Note: It will return in 2014)

Q: How big are the trees?    
A: These are 24 inch trees.

Q: Is the island open?    
A: Only on special occasions or by permit, normally. It is not open for protection of birds and landscaping, that’s how it's always been historically.

Q: It used to be open to public.  
A: Rec and Parks will review with operations and will respond to that. 

Q: Will there be turtles?
A: No turtles this time because they are non-native and are harmful to the ecosystem.

Q: Are canoes being considered? 
A: It depends on the proposals. 

Q: Will the building previously used as a senior center continue to be used for boat storage? 
A: It isn't a senior center, it is actually a game shack.

Q: When will fish condos be put in?
Q2: What is a fish condo? 
Q3: Do you want to explain what a fish condo is? 
A: It is an inverted plastic tree with many plastic arms.

And so forth. It goes on to cover a variety of topics from what fish to stock in the lake, to historic tree replacement and signage. It does not disappoint. Take a read. And take a look at the fountains.

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