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'Twerk' video at Scripps Ranch High School lands 33 San Diego students on suspension

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More than 30 students at Scripps Ranch High School have been suspended in San Diego after allegedly using school equipment to film and produce a twerking dance video (which some may find offensive and is definitely not safe for work).

What is twerking? It's a kind of sexually suggestive dance, according to Wikipedia and the sense of sight.

Students were deemed in violation of district policy and given five-day suspensions. In addition, seniors may be banned from the prom and commencement, reports NBC7.

Thirty-two students danced and one student used school property to videotape the group outside class during 6th period. 

Later, the student used school editing equipment to add music and post the clip to YouTube. As a result, all 33 students were suspended as of Tuesday through the end of the week the parent told NBC7.

For those unfamiliar with the trend, twerking involves popping of the hips in a suggestive dance move. Singer Miley Cyrus recently posted a twerking video and talked about the move with Ryan Seacrest. 

Supporters have been expressing their views on social media using the hashtag #freethetwerkteam. 

One parent told NBC7 that instead of suspensions, the school should have "used this as a teaching moment to remind students that when a person is videotaped, he/she never knows where it’s going to go."

UT San Diego reports that two school board members "want to review the level of punishment," with one of the members, Scott Barnett, planning to discuss the situation "in closed session at Tuesday's board meeting."

"I want to make sure I am comfortable that the facts and activity warrant the consequences," Barnett said in a statement.

San Diego Unified School District spokesperson Jack Brandais refused to comment on the suspension, reports NBC7. Brandais says the district will not discuss student discipline and forwarded a link outlining the suspension appeal process.

Documentation of the district's "zero tolerance" infractions and "Grounds for Suspension" can be found hereNotes NBC7:

The Scripps Ranch HS student handbook specifically outlines its sexual harassment policy prohibiting “verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.”

Students must sign a page in the handbook that states: “At Scripps Ranch High school there is zero tolerance for students who cause major disruptions at school or school activities. Any student who causes a major disruption will receive a five (5) day suspension, a possible new school placement and may be arrested.”

What do you think of the video and the students' punishment? Let us know in the comments below.

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