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Chocolate zoetrope triggers Hollywood history lesson, possible seizure (VIDEO)

Spinning Chocolate Joy
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In a world of futuristic filmmaking acronyms, one brave chocolate zoetrope will embark on the flashback joyride of a lifetime.

At the crossroads where strobe lights and sugar addiction collide, from the creators of a candy factory in Australia, comes one of the pre-cinema optical illusions that Hollywood was built on.

If you like dancing chocolate birds and the dawn of filmmaking, you'll love zoetrope! Now playing everywhere at a computer device in front of your head.

The stomach-turning flicker of YouTube's "Spinning Chocolate Joy" is a fine reminder that the art of capturing motion can sometimes be difficult. We suspect making a zoetrope out of chocolate is nothing to sneeze at either (or on, for that matter).

The twirling birdies seen above appear to be located at Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia. Pixar was nice enough to make a machine of their own closer to home — there's a "Toy Story" zoetrope at Disneyland. It is not made of chocolate, however. Be advised. 

A forefather of modern cinema, the zoetrope is one of a number of early devices created to tell stories with moving pictures. As you might expect, the easiest way to understand how a machine like this works is to have Tom Hanks explain it to you:

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