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Actor Jeff Garlin won't face charges after 'Curb'-like incident in Studio City parking lot

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According to the Associated Press the following is an actual news story and not an episode summary of the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm":

Prosecutors won't be filing charges of vandalism against "Curb Your Enthusiasm" actor Jeff Garlin who was arrested Saturday, accused of smashing a car window in a dispute over a parking space.

Instead, the 51-year-old will receive a hearing at the city attorney's office where he will be advised about the law and how to avoid such incidents. A spokesman for the city attorney said Monday the actions did not reach the threshold for a criminal filing. The hearings are frequently used in such cases to avoid a full-blown criminal case.

According to a police report, the dispute occurred in a Studio City parking lot of a CVS drugstore. Garlin was arguing with the driver of a Mercedes and allegedly broke the driver's side window of her car with his bare hand.

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