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LA cliche heatmaps: Where the 'hipsters' are; where the 'douches' live

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In the absence of news, there are lists. Sometimes news comes with a list. Sometimes a list can give you news. But none of those things are the case today. Today, the lists have the last laugh. The kind that comes in the absence of humor.

Classing up the Internet with a troika of name-calling negativity, Yelp, LA Weekly and Travel + Leisure on Tuesday tackled such location-based topics as: "Where in the world do people say 'hipster' the most," the "douchiest neighborhoods" in Los Angeles, and America's "snobbiest cities."

Eater writes that Yelp — which has been serving up "Hipster" as an "Ambience" category since 2011 — recently published a crop of wordmaps highlighting the use of "hipster" in reviews from 13 cities around the world.

Meanwhile, LA Weekly flames and defames Echo Park, North of Montana, Downtown, the entire South Bay and Abbot Kinney for alleged "douchiness" as categorized by leasing a German car beyond one's means, liberal application of hair product, and posting on Facebook about bottle service at clubs.

Echo Park has a nightclub with bottle service?

Desperately seeking trolls and last on our list of lists is Travel + Leisure with a bland-crafted Top 20 clickbait universe where Philadelphia out-snobs Los Angeles (and both are less snooty than Savannah, GA).

Happy hatin'!

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