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A humiliating video timeline of fitness trends and celebrity workouts

Reebok Aerobic Fitness Video

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Models pose for a Reebok Aerobic Fitness Video on a classical indoor set.

Need a perfect workout to help you burn off some extra calories from that Fourth of July barbecue? Why not watch one instead? 

Here's a video timeline of memorable (and sometimes embarrassing) fitness trends from over the years. How many can you name in 30 seconds? Um..   CrossFit, Aqua Cycling, Zumba, Physique 57, Tae Bo II, Barry's BootcampKettlebellsP90X? Jazzercise and step aerobics, eat your heart out.  

The most unsettling part of this collection is that it barely scratches the tight and toned surface of whats out there. 

Jane Fonda - "Jane Fonda Workout" (1982)

Debbie Reynolds-"Do It Debbie's Way" (1983)

Traci Lords (1985)

Buns of Steel (1987) 

Alyssa Milano - "Teen Steam"(1988)

Cher - "Cher Fitness" (1991)

Cindy Crawford (1993)

Zsa Zsa Gabor - "It's Simple Darling" (1993)

Paula Abdul (1994)

Richard Simmons-"Sweatin' to the Oldies" (1980s/90s)

Prancercise (2012) 

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