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'Meatball' the Glendale bear reacts to float approval for 2014 Rose Parade

meatball the glendale bear

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Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary posted to Facebook on Wednesday an update and photo of "Meatball" saying that he "is doing great!," and that his "favorite foods are avocados, peanut butter and honey on whole grain bread and he just LOVES macadamias and hazelnuts."

A nicknamed problem bear that gained celebrity by stealing frozen meatballs from a SoCal garage freezer will be depicted on a 2014 Rose Parade float. 

Glendale City Council approved the float on Tuesday — it will depict a mechanical "Meatball" popping up and down from a trashcan, and wearing the lid as a hat. The float design is called "Let's Be Neighbors" and includes other wildlife, including a skunk and coyote. 

The foothill suburb has appropriated $155,000 and is seeking public donations for the city's 100th entry in neighboring Pasadena's Tournament of Roses.

Meatball was captured last year and sent back to the Angeles National Forest but he kept returning to Glendale. After the third time, he was shipped to a sanctuary in Alpine.


"The Glendale Bear" aka "Meatball" aka "Glen Bearian" has not held back his enthusiasm on social media about being the focus of the parade float. 

It's only natural. 

If infamous fugitive snakes and regular common squirrels can litter Twitter with their deep thoughts, so can bears. Bears can also pry your car open like a lunchbox, so maybe let's just accept it and move on:



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