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Preliminary testimony begins in Northridge quadruple murder case

Northridge Quadruple Homicide


Police identified the suspects in a Northridge quadruple murder as Donna Rabulan, 30, of L.A.; Christina Neal, 31, of L.A.; Howard Alcantara, 30, of Glendale; and Ka Pasasouk, 31, of L.A. The foursome is seen here during an extradition hearing in Las Vegas.

Ka Pasasouk, a man accused of murdering four people outside an unlicensed Northridge boarding house in December, heard the first testimony against him Monday in a San Fernando courtroom.

Pasasouk's ex-girlfriend, who lived in the boarding house and was arrested with Pasasouk in Las Vegas a day after the murders, testified during a preliminary hearing that Pasasouk had spent the day of the murders drinking vodka and smoking meth.

Cristina Neal said she and Pasasouk had smoked meth "all day" December 1, 2012. She said he'd moved out of her room at the front of the boarding house on Devonshire Street days before, after their relationship deteriorated. Nevertheless, he spent Friday night and most of Saturday with her, the two of them smoking meth and him drinking vodka, before he disappeared for a short time and returned with two friends, including Howard Alcantara.

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"He was trashed drunk" and acting weird, so she asked him to leave, Neal testified. That, she said, angered Pasasouk, and he punched her, pressed against her head the barrel of a gun he always carried, and threatened to tie her up.

"'You're going to be one of the victims' — that's what he said," Neal told Assistant District Attorney Dan Akemon, the prosecutor on the case. Neal said Pasasouk ran off to find another woman in the house, and she fled, eventually hiding in the bushes of a neighbor's lawn.

Neal testified she heard arguing and gunshots outside the house and saw Alcantara's car drive around the block before she ran to her truck and drove off.

Later, Neal said, Pasasouk called her and told her he'd messed up. 

"'I shot three people,'" she said he told her, before convincing her to meet up with him near downtown Los Angeles.

Neal was among a group of Pasasouk's friends who were arrested with him in Las Vegas. She testified he slept, draped in her lap, on the drive to the city, while Donna Rabulan drove and Alcantara sat in the front seat. When they arrived, Pasasouk said, Pasasouk and Alcantara made references to a botched robbery attempt at the Devonshire house and disposed of Pasasouk's clothes.

The hearing resumes Tuesday with more testimony from boarding house residents. When it's concluded, L.A. Superior Court Judge Harvey Giss will decide if there's sufficient evidence against him for Ka Pasasouk to stand trial for four murders.

Pasasouk's case has drawn particular attention because of his criminal history. Late last year, the L.A. County District Attorney's Office said it made an error when it recommended Pasasouk be diverted to a drug rehabilitation program instead of being locked up, months before the shootings occurred. 

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