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Ben & Jerry's X-rated ice cream lawsuit

Ben & Jerry's

AP Photo/Ben & Jerry's

This file product image released Sept. 8, 2011 courtesy of Ben & Jerry's shows their ice cream flavor, "Schweddy Balls." Some supermarket chains refused to stock the new flavor, inspired by an Alec Baldwin SNL skit.

The days of buying pornographic videos with names based on Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors are over.

Caballero Video has agreed to stop marketing "Boston Cream Thigh," ''Peanut Butter D-Cup" and other films spoofing the names of the venerable Vermont ice cream maker's products

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that the agreement settles a lawsuit Ben & Jerry's brought against Caballero last year. 

According to the suit, 10 titles in Caballero's "Ben & Cherry's" series besmirched the ice cream maker's name and infringed its trademark.

Not only were the names similar to real Ben & Jerry's products, but the films' packaging also mimicked Ben & Jerry's clouds-and-cows logo.

The Los Angeles-based video company had previously agreed to pull the titles until the suit was resolved.

Ben and Jerry's has previously churned out a scoop or two of their own controversy by releasing flavor names deemed fairly inappropriate to some — no spoofing required.

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