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8 things to know before dinner—Hospitals fined, new mammal found, Mayor makes moves, the battle for cable sports dominance

NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

1. New mammal! Olinguito looks like 'a raccoon with a teddy bear face' (KPCC)

Researchers announced Thursday a rare discovery of a new species of mammal called the olinguito. It belongs to a grouping of large creatures that include dogs, cats and bears.

The raccoon-sized critter leaps through the trees of mountainous forests of Ecuador and Colombia at night, according to a Smithsonian researcher who has spent the past decade tracking them. One lived at the National Zoo for a year in a case of mistaken identity.

2. Mayor sparks change on LA Fire Department panel (KPCC)

In his third set of commission appointments this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti replaced four members on the Board of Fire Commissioners.

The shake up comes as the Los Angeles Fire Department continues to address concerns over response times, the reliability of its 911 system, and even the allocation of resources.

3. $100,000 fine for hospital that removed wrong kidney from cancer patient (KPCC)

10 hospitals in California received penalties Thursday for actions that put patients safety in jeopardy. 

Six of fines were issued to Southern California facilities. Among them is Fullerton's St. Jude Medical Center which received its fifth penalty after surgeons accidentally removed the wrong kidney from a cancer patient and took out the healthy one.

4. Another ex-Baca official wants to be the new sheriff in town (KPCC)

Paul Tanaka, the former Los Angeles County undersheriff who left the department last year under heavy criticism for his handling of alleged abuse in county jails, announced Thursday that he'll challenge his old boss, Sheriff Lee Baca, in next year’s election.

On Wednesday, former sheriff's commander Bob Olmstead said he was coming out of retirement to clean up the department after what he called years of mismanagement. 

5. FOX takes on ESPN for cable sports dominance (KPCC)

For more than three decades, ESPN hasn’t had a true competitor. That could change this weekend when FOX launches two cable sports channels it hopes will eventually bring down the sports-behemoth.

“We’re the ones making sports fun again,” ESPN-turned FOX anchor Erin Andrews says in previews for the channels.

6. A thousand immigration protesters descend on key lawmaker's office (KPCC)

More than a thousand immigrants and their supporters from across California descended on the Congressional office of Kevin McCarthy in Bakersfield this week.

They called on the high-ranking Republican to pass immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented people. 

7. Study: Twitter can predict outcome of an election (KPCC)

Researchers at Indiana University have found that Twitter might be the best way to predict who will win an election.

Basically, the more times a candidate's name appeared in a tweet compared to their rival, the more likely they were to win. In 2010, analyzing tweets predicted 404 out of 406 competitive races for seats in the House of Representatives in 2010.

8. How Hollywood helped the T-shirt get famous (KPCC)

The T-shirt, which is celebrating its 100-year birthday, was for decades seen primarily as a uniform for laborers. Like many other fashion trends, the T-shirt got its big break from Hollywood.

According to some reports, during the year 'A Streetcar Named Desire' was released, $180 billion worth of T-shirts were sold.