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Los Angeles City Attorney sues to break up South LA home it calls a 'gang hangout'

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The Los Angeles City Attorney's office has filed a nuisance abatement suit against the homeowners of the property at 318 E. 62nd Street alleging the house is a known "gang hangout."

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is suing the owners of a house in South Los Angeles in an attempt to force them to clean up the property. The office claims the home is a “gang hangout” that is inviting violent crime and drugs into the neighborhood.

The city filed the property nuisance abatement complaint Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. It alleges the house is at the center of multiple shootings, drug transactions, and other crimes.

A married couple reportedly owns the house located on East 62nd Street near San Pedro Street. It is alleged to be a gathering place for members of the 62nd set of the East Coast Crips gang.

According to the lawsuit, there have been 12 shootings tied to the house – including two homicides – since January 2002. It also lists at least four cocaine and marijuana drug cases with people at the house.

“The unabated gang-generated chaos at the property intimidates law abiding residents from making reports to the police,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit also describes a sexual assault investigation at the house three years ago involving a juvenile who attacked a nine-year old girl. The grandmother of the victim called police three days after the assault to report that alleged gang members from the house yelled at the victim’s family: "we are gonna blow your house up and you're gonna have problems!"

The city is asking a judge to declare the house a nuisance and order the homeowners to make improvements to the house and live there while upgrades are underway.

“We want to put in place an abatement (order) under which those who own the house no longer allow gang members to congregate there,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer.

It’s also asking for a restraining order that would require the 50 alleged gang members cited in the complaint as “JOHN DOES” to stay at least 1,000 feet away from the property.

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