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KPCC DIGEST A.M. (Aug. 30) — Toxic testing, tooth fairy inflation, fire watching, the perfect T

1. Zimmer calls for details on LAUSD's arts plan (KPCC)

More than eight weeks after district officials' completion of a new arts plan, many key details remain unclear. One major missing component: a budget.

2. Fire watch volunteers keep an eye on Orange County parks (KPCC)

A volunteer fire watch program in Orange County is expanding as fire season heats up. Volunteers staff observation posts along park and wilderness area roads.

3. Soil, dust testing underway at Vernon's Exide Technologies (KPCC)

A Vernon battery recycler began testing dust and soil for toxic pollution to determine the risk airborne contaminants from the plant pose to surrounding areas.

4. US finds itself with only 1 Syria partner: France (AP)

The collapse of British support for a mission to punish Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons puts pressure on President Barack Obama as resistance grows at home

5. Rim Fire: Sierra fire puts some Labor Day tourists in quandary (MAP) (KPCC)

The huge Sierra Nevada wildfire and its smoke plume have caused some tourists to opt out of plans for the last big travel weekend of the summer.

6. Tooth Fairy inflation: Price of a tooth nears $4 (AP)

Kids this year are getting an average of $3.70 per lost tooth, a 23 percent jump over last year's rate of $3 a tooth, according to a new survey by Visa Inc.

7. Where to find the perfect T-shirt in SoCal (Map) (KPCC)

This year marks the 100th birthday of an iconic piece of American clothing: the T-shirt. Where do you shop to find the best T-shirt in SoCal?

8. Free weekend? Here are 6 cheap ways to send off the summer (KPCC)

It's time to soak up the sun before the end of summer. But between the beaches and BBQs, consider these six events. What are your weekend plans?

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