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Malibu kid blogger calls out Caltrans for dangerous bike conditions on PCH (video)

Dangers of biking on PCH in west Malibu
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Out of the mouths of Malibu babes: 8-year-old news neophyte Duna DiVito produced a video showing Caltrans construction on PCH that she feels is dangerous for bicycles.

Reflecting on the good old days (when she was 4) and felt safe on the road, DiVito — a Malibu Times blogger covering issues such as nudity in magazines, dead sharks and why people won't let her grandmother use the bathroom — noticed that a casualty of recent wildfire road repair was a bike lane that tapered into a dangerous narrow around a sharp curve.

A solutions-oriented gal, DiVito shot a video of the stretch of questionable path and proposes a fix to increase rider safety while allowing Caltrans to maintain the maintenance.

Whether DiVito's suggestion is a viable option or one they're willing to consider remains an open question, however. Caltrans told KPCC it couldn't comment on the feasibility of the hypothetical modification, only on the barrier itself, saying:

"The barrier is there to protect cars and bikes from falling rock, which is a far more dangerous possible exposure."

Associate Editor of the the Malibu Times, Knowles Adkisson, told KPCC the publication had been playing with an op/ed page to encourage reader stories that were escaping coverage.

DiVito, who had written a letter with her mother inquiring about an internship, began submitting stories and was recently taken on as a semi-regular contributing blogger.

This story has been updated.

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