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KPCC DIGEST AM (Sep. 5)—Hunger strike ends, heat wave science, hyperlocal politics, factions form on Syria

1. Calif. inmates end hunger strike after 2 months (AP)

California officials say inmates have ended their nearly two-month hunger strike to protest the prison system's isolation policies and that no inmates became seriously ill during that time.

2. The Syria vote: a guide to the Congressional factions (NPR)

When it comes to military action against Syria, members of Congress are divided by factions rather than party lines. Here's a rough breakdown.

3. What's behind Southern California's recent heat and humidity? (KPCC)

A high pressure system combined with storms off the coast of Baja California have led to the recent heat and humidity in Los Angeles.

4. ‘Historic’ drug sentencing reform bill on Gov. Brown’s desk (KPCC)

The California State Assembly approved legislation that would give prosecutors discretion in cases involving "simple possession" of cocaine and heroin.

5. Neighborhood Councils: where government and community meet (KPCC)

More than a decade after the system was created, L.A. now has 95 Neighborhood Councils that weigh in on hyperlocal and citywide matters.

6. #ProjectCitizen: Get to know your Neighborhood Council: an FAQ (KPCC)

Neighborhood Councils made up of individuals who live, work or own property in a neighborhood of L.A. that are certified and funded by the city to take on issues of importance to their community.

7. California state bill would expand expungements for ex-cons (KPCC)

A state bill up for final vote could give jail inmates sentenced under realignment a chance to ask a judge to expunge their conviction.

8. An uphill battle for unauthorized immigrant law school grad (KPCC)

California Supreme Court justices have 90 days to decide if a federal law can keep unauthorized immigrant, Sergio Garcia from obtaining a license to practice law.

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