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KPCC DIGEST PM (Sep. 6)—Theoretical tsunami, 'Plan B' immigration, the space between drivers and cyclists, tacos of the 20s

1. Theoretical tsunami strikes West Coast in USGS destruction study (KPCC)

A new report released by the U.S. Geological Survey looks at the destruction a major tsunami could cause in Southern California and the billions of estimated damage dollars that might be spent on O.C. flooding and swamped shipping in Long Beach.

Researchers modeled the theoretical mega-wave in part after a real life event that happened almost 50 years ago in Alaska.

2. California lawmaker wants public input on Syria. Tonight. (KPCC)

An overwhelming majority of California lawmakers are undecided about whether the U.S. should take military action in Syria. On the "leaning yes" side is Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles.

On Friday evening he'll open the lines for a telephone town hall to hear what his constituents think.

3. Buffer law would define the non-metaphorical distance between drivers and cyclists (KPCC)

The Three Feet for Safety Act recently passed in the Senate and awaits final vote in the Assembly. AB 1371, sponsored by Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), requires drivers to give cyclists a three-foot buffer zone when traveling in the same direction.

California law currently states that drivers can pass cyclists at a safe distance, but it’s never been defined what that distance is.

4. Taco recipes from the 1920s give a taste of LA history (KPCC)

From fine dining to parking lot corners, the taco has a long and storied history in Los Angeles.

Some of the earliest recipes ever published in L.A. were recently unearthed by Alex Blazedale, the creative director and the head of taco research for the blog L.A. Taco.

5. Disconcerting video hits 20 million views, and also close to home (NPR)

Constant contact and a collective obsession with capturing experience is highlighted in an unsettling viral short called "I Forgot My Phone."

The disconnect of human connection is seen through the lens of Charlene deGuzman who wrote and stars in the all-too-familiar feeling film.

6. 169,000 jobs added to private and public payrolls (NPR)

On Friday morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the U.S. jobless rate for August at 7.3 percent (from 7.4 percent in July) saying 169,000 jobs has been added.

However, BLS also revealed that instead of the 162,000 jobs believed to have been added in July, it now estimates the number of jobs at 104,000.

7. If immigration reform fails (KPCC)

With immigration reform no longer a front-burner issue as Congress returns, some activists are pushing for an administrative alternative.

"Plan B," as the idea has now been semi-formally dubbed, would involve pressuring the White House to offer a deferred action program that protects young immigrants from deportation.

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