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KPCC DIGEST PM (Sep. 9)—Cal Worthington dies, sea snails survive, VW bus peaces out, beer billionaire, the wheel situation in Vegas

The L.A. County Fair Ferris wheel at sunset.
The L.A. County Fair Ferris wheel at sunset.
L.A. County Fair

1. Cal Worthington goes to the giant dealership in the sky (KPCC)

The beloved and iconic car dealer whose famous jingle "Go See Cal" is lodged in the minds of generations of local TV viewers, died on Sunday. He was 92.

The family of the celebrity salesman (and "his dog Spot") confirmed to KPCC that Worthington passed away with family while watching football at home in Orland, California.

2. Once-plentiful green abalone could thrive again along Southern California's coast (KPCC)

A hundred years ago, one of the best cheap meals along the coast was abalone, a type of sea snail that lives on rock. If you’re under 40, you’ve probably never seen abalone, let alone tasted it. By the 1980s over-harvesting had devastated the population.

Now, a new study published in the journal Conservation Genetics offers  hope about how the animal could rebound in local waters.

3. Things get wheel in Las Vegas (AP)

The world's largest Ferris wheel is spinning toward completion in Las Vegas.

The 55-story "High Roller" observation wheel is scheduled to be hoisted into place Monday as part of Caesars Entertainment's "Linq" district, a Caruso Affiliated-affiliated retail and entertainment development project.

4. End of the road for the Volkswagen bus (Quartz)

The Volkswagon Transporter is peace-ing out.  The last vehicles will be assembled in São Paulo in December.

The long-running model is not compatible with Brazil's new safety laws, and Brazil has been the sole producer of the camper for nearly two decades. Germany stopped bus production in 1979 and Mexico put on the brakes in 1994.

5. Can LAPD anticipate crime with 'predictive policing'? (KPCC)

In an age of big data, California police departments are getting in on the action. In Los Angeles, the LAPD now uses software for what it calls "predictive policing," which aims to anticipate where crimes are likely to happen before they happen.

This predictive policing software’s journey started seven years ago, at UCLA. There, academics and police officers began using math to study crime.

6. Craft beer brouhaha makes Sam Adams founder a billionaire (NPR)

Sam Adams founder Jim Koch's net worth has been pushed above $1 billion. Just before noon ET Monday, the company's stock price was around $227 a share — a record high. As recently as 2009, a share could be had for about $20.

Koch began beer making in 1984 after a stint in the world of corporate business consulting. The Sam Adams website traces the beer's family recipe back to the 1870s.

7. Odd Hollywood Jobs—Inside the life of a 'looper' (KPCC)

Our series "Odd Hollywood Jobs" looks at the job of a looper, the nickname given to voice-over actors who fatten sound in film and television scenes by adding dialogue or by reading lips to match the words of actors.

Often the voices and little murmurs in the background are recorded by loopers whose lines eventually get mixed into the sound for a more realistic sound. Without them, you might see a big crowd of people, but hear only the main actors.