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Financial crash 5 years later: Where are YOU now? (poll)

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Sunday will mark the fifth anniversary of the fall of Lehman Bros. — a historic bankruptcy filing that's widely fingered as the trigger for the 2008 real estate crisis that hastened a global financial crash.

In the fallout and chaos of the crash, some Lehman executives were able to find similar work elsewhere. Others, like Lehman Bros.' former senior vice president of global business support services, David Ambinder, "left the financial sector entirely," reports Marketplace.

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He now "owns a Mr. Handyman franchise in Union, N.J."

Five years after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing, are you in better or worse financial shape? Take our poll, weigh in on our Facebook page or tell us your story in the comments below. You can also tell us on Twitter if things are worse for you (hashtag #CrashKPCC) or better (#silverlining).


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