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Rapscallion alert: It's 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'

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Ye readers beware, Thursday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day — a treasured holiday conceived in the dark ages of 1995 by a pair of racquetball players.

According to the origin story, the two founders floundered alone for years until Dave Barry wrote about their swashbuckling speech disorder in a 2002 Miami Herald column.

Watered-down treachery has since become widely accepted. And though you may not be urged to observe such a holiday by a couple of 90s guys, only a fool would ignore the sage words of a Goonie-turned-Hobbit.  It's your time.

So polish up the parrot and snap on an eye patch. Romance, adventure and doughnuts await the brave booty hunters of Sept. 19. Here's some ammunition for your pop culture cannon canon:

  • Best Place To Celebrate—Krispy Kreme. They will give you a free one for speaking like a lunatic. They will give you a dozen for dressing like one.
  • How Do I Talk Like A Pirate?—Read this glossary. Follow these people. Listen to this song. Call your friends "bucko" until someone forces you to walk the plank.
  • Top Pirate Movies—Fansided favors Treasure Island (and the Muppet version), Johnny Depp's deep water franchise, Hook, The Goonies, Cutthroat Island, Pirates of Penzance, and The Princess Bride. Left out was The Life Aquatic, for plot pirates and Iggy Pop; Dodgeball, for the character who ONLY TALKS LIKE A PIRATE; and Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts, for the recurring "Pirate Alphabet" sketch.
  • For Somali Pirates And Tom Hanks—Watch this trailer for Captain Phillips

Did we miss some bit of piratey goodness? Share it with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. 

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