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KPCC DIGEST AM (Sep. 20)—Mexico's killer storms, Downey's space history, Wizard of Oz's IMAX 3D makeover, Emmy shenanigans

1. Death toll near 100, and likely to rise, from storms in Mexico (NPR)

Authorities said early Friday that at least 97 people were known to have died in the flooding, mudslides and other deadly after-effects of the two storms that struck the country this week. It's feared the death toll will go higher.

Torrential rains and then-Hurricane Manuel lashed the west coast of Mexico, particularly in around Acapulco. Hurricane Ingrid pummeled the east side of the nation, along the Gulf Coast.

2. Calling occupants of interplanetary craft: Downey highlights its role in space history (KPCC)

On the surface, Downey, California looks like any other L.A. suburb. But from the early 1960s to the late '90s its Rockwell plant helped the U.S. explore space by designing and building lunar capsules and space shuttles.

The plant closed in 1999 and since then, much of that story has faded. But residents like Andrew Wahlquist hope to bring it back to the forefront.

3. Behind the curtain on 'Wizard of Oz' remastered in IMAX 3D (KPCC)

It’s been 75 years since "The  Wizard of Oz” made its debut on the silver screen. Now fans can see it again on the big screen — in IMAX 3D.

It took 14 months to bring the classic to a new dimension. The film’s original Technicolor camera negative underwent a full photo-chemical restoration before scanning the negative and digitally restoring the picture.

4. The most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles (KPCC)

Los Angeles has a higher rate of car accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists than the rest of the nation — pedestrians account for about a third of all traffic fatalities and about 3 percent of bicycle fatalities.

The city of L.A. says it is taking steps to make 53 dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists. As a first step, the city will install "continental crosswalks" — aka "zebra crossings" — that provide increased visibility for pedestrians. See our map.

5. House votes to scrap $40 billion from food stamp program (KPCC)

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted Thursday to cut $40 billion from the federal food stamp program. GOP lawmakers cited what they said was widespread abuse of the program intended to help poor individuals and families buy groceries.

The vote to cut food stamps came on a party line vote of 217-200. Democrats cited Congressional Budget Office estimates that it would deprive 4 million needy people of benefits in 2014.

6. The Emmys are all fun and games (KPCC)

TV celebrates itself this weekend — the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards airs Sunday at 5 p.m. PT on CBS from the Nokia Theatre.  "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris will host the ceremony, but who's hosting your viewing party?

From printable bingo cards to classic drinking games to Emmy ballots, we've compiled a number of ways to keep the guests entertained should you wind up hosting a celebration of your own.

7. How fatherhood affects CEOs might surprise you (KPCC)

Does fatherhood make a man more generous—or less? The short answer is "it depends." Danish researchers studied 10,000 CEOs and found that male CEOs generally gave themselves a raise after becoming fathers, and paid their employees less. CEOs who fathered girls, especially first-time fathers, were more generous than those who had sons.

Findings support previous studies that suggest a CEO’s values directly influence corporate policies.

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