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Vin Scully Way? Garcetti ponders naming street after veteran Dodgers broadcaster

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Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would run the idea of naming a street near Dodger Stadium after legendary announcer Vin Scully. 

Responding to a listener comment ABC7's "Eyewitness Newsmakers" program Sunday, Garcetti said he'd been giving the idea some thought after seeing it on Twitter and said he'd take it up with city councilmembers. 

"This is something that has been buzzing around on Twitter,'' the mayor said. Adding later that "If there's a Los Angeles hall of fame, Vin Scully would be my number one choice to go in it.'' 

Scully, 85, recently signed on as announcer to his 65th season with the Dodgers. He's been announcing Dodgers games since 1950, when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Scully already has a few honors to his name, including inductions into several broadcasting and sports Halls of Fame and Hollywood's vaunted Walk of Fame. He'll add to those accomplishments as this year's grand marshall at the Pasadena Rose Parade. 

On Twitter, Scully fans seem to be on board with the idea.

What do you think? Should there be a Vin Scully Way? If so, where should it be?

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