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KPCC DIGEST AM (Sep. 23)—Awarding the 'Bad' guys, crowning a transgender Homecoming queen, memorializing Scully, erasing social media

Jlhopgood/Flickr Creative Commons

1. Bill creates 'eraser button' for teens' social media posts (KPCC)

A bill awaiting the Governor's signature would require websites, mobile apps and others to give kids and teens an option to remove content. Critics say it's hard to regulate the Internet.

2. Smart teenage brains may get some extra learning time (NPR)

Neuroscientist John Hewitt says intelligence has a strong biological component. If your parents are smart, you'll probably be smart.

3. The man who gets the science right on 'the Big Bang Theory' (NPR)

David Saltzberg is the scientist who makes sure that those equations splashed all over CBS's hugely popular The Big Bang Theory actually make sense.

4. Emmys 2013: Awards show lives up to unpredictable nature (Video, results) (AP/KPCC)

Television's annual night of honors mixed in surprises with expected winners and ended some winning streaks while extending others.

5. The promises and pitfalls of social media — for police (NPR)

More and more, cops are using social media as a tool to investigate crimes and reach out to their communities — some are saying it's becoming a necessary tool for policing.

6. Vin Scully Way? Garcetti mulls naming street after veteran Dodgers broadcaster (KPCC)

Responding to a listener comment on ABC7, Garcetti said he'd been giving the idea some thought after seeing it on Twitter and said he'd take it up with city councilmembers.

7. Orange County high school crowns transgender homecoming queen (KPCC)

A transgender teenager was crowned homecoming queen Friday night at Marina High School in Huntington Beach — the first in Orange County.