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The story behind our coverage: 4 live chats with KPCC reporters

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Walk in the shoes of our science reporter Sanden Totten as he takes us inside JPL and let our data journalist Chris Keller show you the massive lines of code behind our Fire Tracker.

Wednesday marks the start of our fall pledge drive. That means that over the next 10 days, we'll be introducing you to our staff, highlighting some of our favorite coverage, throwing a big bash — and hosting a slew of Twitter chats. 

Follow @KPCC on Twitter — or click here — to join chats with the following staffers: 

Sanden covers everything from advances in medical technology to dinosaur fossils and space exploration. Some recent highlights of his work include a feature on the blue-footed booby and a series on the ecology of SoCal beaches

Grant has captured it all from funny videos that poke fun at L.A. to epic wildfire photos and the excitement of election night. Check out KPCC's newest blog AudioVision for some of his best. Oh, and don't forget to follow Grant on Instagram here.

Chris's most recent project is KPCC's Fire Tracker, an online tool that allows you to monitor and research California's wildfires. He was recognized by the L.A. Press Club for this interactive map on dangerous intersections. You can check out all of KPCC's projects here.  

Annie has delved into coverage of the Los Angeles Unified School District as the newest member to our education team. How did L.A. students bypass iPad security? Read and listen to her latest here


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