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KPCC DIGEST PM (Oct. 7)—Prototype airship damaged, pit bull law, Benjamin's makeover, Fox News gets in 'touch' with its inner Wonka

1. Benjamin's makeover (KPCC)

The new $100 dollar bill goes into circulation Tuesday. Benjamin Franklin is still the face of note, but there are changes and additions. The bills will feel different, have “raised printing,” and come with various high-tech, counterfeit-thwarting designs.

The Federal Reserve, which has not been affected by the shutdown, will fan out the armored trucks from its regional banks around the country sending them off to banks and other financial institutions.

2. Experimental airship damaged in OC roof collapse (KPCC)

A WW II-era blimp hangar in Tustin partially collapsed Monday, damaging a 230-foot experimental airship. The dirigible, developed by Worldwide Aeros, might one day be capable of carrying 66 tons of cargo to disasters and military bases.

NASA and the DoD have invested $35 million in the prototype. The rigid-framed flying machine is filled with helium, takes off vertically like a helicopter, and changes buoyancy for landing. The extent of the damage to the vessel was not known.

3. Pit bull sterilization law considered in Riverside County (KPCC)

Riverside County is considering a law requiring the sterilization of pit bulls. The public will have a chance to weigh in on the issue at a public hearing before county supervisors vote on Tuesday.

The action comes after five pit bull mixes in San Bernardino County killed a 2-year-old boy in September. In August, a Riverside County woman was hospitalized after two pit bulls attacked her. In the spring a pack of pit bulls killed an Antelope Valley woman. The owners were charged with murder.

4. Malibu teachers report cancer diagnoses (NBC LA)

Three teachers who work in the same building at Malibu High School have recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Others teachers have reported thyroid problems, rashes and hair loss.

School officials are testing for contamination and carcinogens. District officials said they have hired an Arcadia engineering firm to look closer at classroom conditions, interview the sick teachers and check into a report showing contaminated soil was removed from campus three years ago.

5. Fox News debuts comically large screens, incredible shrinking news team (Mashable)

A video posted to on Monday reveals a hoax-worthy turn toward absurdity with the installation of new, Wonkavision-sized touchscreens that appear miniaturize its media-manhandling studio staffers.

Mashable reports, "Shepard Smith debuted Fox News Deck, where journalists will be on camera as they sift through posts on Twitter and Facebook to keep track of emerging news...using large 55-inch Microsoft touchscreens in the background of the broadcast."

6. Simulation of a city, emulation of emotion (Quartz)

Quartz has a gamer's hypermeta, reality-blurring analysis of Grand Theft Auto V, "the greatest video game that has ever existed," which takes place in fictional Los Santos, a near replica of L.A.

"The worst thing about driving in LA is trying to stay focused on the road amidst the most beautiful and complex scenery ever created by the dual forces of nature and technology...Driving toward a sunsetty Redondo Beach last week my girlfriend cocked her head quizzically and asked, 'Are we here, or are we in the game?'"


7. October is a treat at the KPCC Crawford Family Forum (KPCC)

October means a new series of can't miss KPCC Crawford Family Forum events.

Get the story behind the country's biggest nuclear secrets of the '60s and '70s; Explore the hype and hyperbole in the new field of biofabrication — yep, printing body parts;  join KPCC for a live interview with SNL's Bill Hader & Comedy Central's Jasper Redd on Bullseye; and party pledge-style with Cheech Marin.

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