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A potential 2040 Los Angeles Metro subway system map

Potential 2040 L.A. Metro map, based on existing plans and proposals with some creative license, designed by Nick Andert.
Potential 2040 L.A. Metro map, based on existing plans and proposals with some creative license, designed by Nick Andert. Nick Andert

Los Angeles has long been notorious for being a car-based city — good luck getting around town using public transportation. While some manage to make a go of it between rail and buses, hobbyist designer Nick Andert put together a look at what the Metro system could look like with widespread political will, though Andert admits in his posts on Reddit that it might be more likely to see this kind of system in 40 years instead of 30.

Click here to see a full-sized version of the map.

The map has received continued attention, including a post Tuesday from the Washington Post. It's different than some earlier fantasy maps as Andert has tried to pay more attention to what he thinks is genuinely possible rather than a more idealized version of area rail.

"The lines on the map are extrapolated from Metro's concrete short-term plans and somewhat more vague long-term plans, along with a little guessing and creative license," Andert writes in an email to KPCC. "It's impossible to say, of course, how accurate this will actually prove to be when 2040 rolls around."

Andert says that the Metro ballot measure set for 2016 is the most likely way that this will happen, but whether voters will be receptive to the outlays for expanded rail remains to be seen. Until then, Andert's going to have to keep relying on the current destinations of his line of choice — the Red Line — to get him where he needs to go.

Another local mapmaker, Numan Parada, had a similar map go viral with designs inspired by the London tube system combined with the desires of where Angelenos wish they could get to in a more expedient fashion. Parada told the Los Angeles Times about that map, "While I don't sincerely think a system like this is realistic to build, I think it can give hope." 

Unfortunately for L.A. residents who enjoy hopping on a train rather than hopping in a car, here's what the current system looks like:

Click here to see the full-sized version of the existing Metro map.

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