Quiz: How much water do I waste brushing my teeth?! 11 water stats you probably can't guess

Average individual water use estimates vary from California's coastal areas to its central valley. How much do you know about your water use? Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Average individual water use is a tricky thing to figure, with estimates varying from 77 to 150 gallons a day in the coastal areas of Los Angeles to 264 gallons a day in Riverside and a whopping 736 gallons a day in Palm Springs, based on data from the California Department of Water Resources.

Part of the confusion is whether you irrigate a yard or use water-saving devices, but no matter how you measure it, California is in a serous drought. The governor has asked us all to cut our water use by 20 percent.

But what does that mean, exactly, if we're not really sure how much water we're using now?

On Thursday, KPCC will be hosting an event along with the Milken Institute featuring panelists from The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and L.A. Department of Water and Power, as well as representatives from advocacy groups and the private sector. The event is full, but we'll have live video available on the site!

In the meantime, take our quiz and see how much you know about the household water uses we take for granted every day:

Quiz: Water use in Southern California

Correction: An earlier version of this quiz contained a mathematical error in question 8, which we have removed. KPCC regrets the error.