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Trial begins for Garden Grove man accused of attacking disabled woman in her bedroom

Orange County DA's Office

Richard Vu Nguyen

A man from Garden Grove stands trial today for allegedly attacking one of his roommates -- a 45-year-old woman suffering from Down syndrome -- by stomping and kicking her in the head and torso, prosecutors announced.

According to a press release from the Orange County DA’s Office, Richard Vu Nguyen, 45, assaulted the woman in an act that was secretly caught on video by the victim’s family.

Although the victim is unable to speak, family members suspected something was going on beginning in March of last year, and set up the video camera in her bedroom to find out what. After the alleged attack was recorded, the family members took the evidence to Garden Grove police.

Prosecutors did not say whether the footage would be used as evidence in the trial beginning today in the North Justice Center in Fullerton.


Lake Elsinore girl fights off freaky-looking attacker with her spiked running shoe

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

A composite sketch of the Lake Elsinore attacker

A 15-year-old girl in Lake Elsinore was attacked by a bald, pierced man with neck tattoos and a long goatee Wednesday, but managed to repel him by using her spiky track shoe as a weapon, the North County Times reports.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the student at Lakeside High School was walking home from school when the goateed stranger pulled up in a blue Honda Accord and asked if she wanted a ride.

“The victim ignored the suspect and walked past the Honda,” sheriff’s officials said in a statement. “A few moments later, the suspect approached the victim from behind and grabbed her with both hands.”

That’s when the teen put those running shoes to even better use than running -- smacking him with one of them until he let go and fled in his car. The girl ran home and called police, who worked with her to develop a composite sketch of the assailant.


Costa Mesa beer run ends in violent freak-out

Leaving Costa Mesa

Teresa Aguayo really needed beer. Just one bottle. And police say she was willing to use a blanket, rubbing alcohol and bug spray against the store clerk who stood in her way.

According to the Orange County Register, Aguayo, 46, walked into a Costa Mesa convenience store on Sunday afternoon and tried to buy a single 12-ounce bottle of brew. When the clerk told her no -- the California Stop convenience store only sells them in six-packs -- Aguayo reportedly flipped out.

Strangest of all was her alleged means of attack: Police say Aguayo hit the clerk on the head with the bottle, then tried to strangle her with a blanket behind the counter, then grabbed some nearby rubbing alcohol, acetone and bug spray and rubbed them on the poor clerk’s face.

Aguayo is currently facing possible charges of attempted murder and is being held on a half-million dollars bail.