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Baby panda ceremony: San Diego Zoo's giant panda cub named 'Little Gift'

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Photo by Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo unveiled the name of the sixth giant panda born at the Zoo during a public ceremony on Tuesday Nov. 13, 2012. Rick Gulley (left) president of the San Diego Zoo Global Board of Trustees and Ron Swaisgood, Ph.D. (right), co-head of the Giant Panda Team for San Diego Zoo Global, revealed a photo of the cub showing his name - Xiao Liwu. The name means “little gift.” Pronunciation is sshyaoww (falling then rising tone) lee (falling then rising tone) woo (falling tone).

The San Diego Zoo's new baby panda has an official name — Xiao Liwu or "Little Gift."

The public naming ceremony took place Nov. 13 (watch the video below), 100 days after his birth, per Chinese tradition. Earlier this month, officials released unrelentingly adorable footage of the giant baby poof getting his 11th veterinary exam. There was much squealing and prancing. On both sides of the computer.

San Diego Zoo blog post on Tuesday's ceremony's details a performance of costumed dancers and praise from the consulate-general of the People’s Republic of China, Qiu Shaofang, regarding the Zoo's giant panda conservation efforts.

According to the official release, the Zoo received more than 7,000 name submissions for the panda cub, which were narrowed down to six choices. Nearly 35,000 votes were registered via public, online voting. The winning name, Xiao Liwu, described the cub as "a precious, little gift to our world.


San Diego Zoo's new baby panda video is 56 seconds of unbearable mirth

baby panda video san diego zoo

Screenshot via YouTube

This is not an illusion. This is a real animal.

Like 1,ooo cotton balls squished together with eyes and claws, the San Diego Zoo's new baby panda video is cuter than whatever you are doing at this moment. (Watch the video below.)

San Diego Zoo officials released the new footage Thursday of the baby poof who will one day become a giant getting his 11th veterinary exam. There is squealing and prancing and camera mugging and tickling, and don't be alarmed if hyperventilating occurs (yours, not the panda) during the viewing.

He who shall not be named — until 100 days after his birth, per Chinese tradition — is the sixth giant panda born at the San Diego Zoo. His arrival set the current record for the most giant panda cubs born at a breeding facility outside of China.

Voting on the special creature's name has ended, but a public naming ceremony is planned for Nov. 13.