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Watch the poll: Sobering stats on America's drinking habits

beer sunset

Photo by Christian Senger via Flickr Creative Commons

According to a new poll, the majority of Americans a) consume alcohol, b) prefer beer, and on average, among the drinkers, deposit c) 4.2 alcoholic beverages into their throats per week.

Conducted July 9-12, Gallup's 2012 Annual Consumption Habits poll has tapped into the drinking habits of men and women, finding considerable differences by gender, race, and age.

Feel free to pour over these wordy statistics, keeping in mind that the statistics suggest they may have been written by a drunk person. 

  • Although 66% of Americans say they "have occasion to drink alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine, or beer," a third of these say they had no drinks in the seven days prior to the survey.
  • This leaves roughly four in 10 Americans (44%) who appear to be regular drinkers, consuming at least one alcoholic beverage in the past week.
  • While only 12% of drinkers report consuming eight or more drinks in the past week -- averaging more than one per day -- Gallup finds 22% of drinkers saying they sometimes drink too much.
  • This is up from 17% last year, but similar to the percentages in most other years over the past decade. Prior to 2001, the proportion tended to be higher.


Costa Mesa beer run ends in violent freak-out

Leaving Costa Mesa

Teresa Aguayo really needed beer. Just one bottle. And police say she was willing to use a blanket, rubbing alcohol and bug spray against the store clerk who stood in her way.

According to the Orange County Register, Aguayo, 46, walked into a Costa Mesa convenience store on Sunday afternoon and tried to buy a single 12-ounce bottle of brew. When the clerk told her no -- the California Stop convenience store only sells them in six-packs -- Aguayo reportedly flipped out.

Strangest of all was her alleged means of attack: Police say Aguayo hit the clerk on the head with the bottle, then tried to strangle her with a blanket behind the counter, then grabbed some nearby rubbing alcohol, acetone and bug spray and rubbed them on the poor clerk’s face.

Aguayo is currently facing possible charges of attempted murder and is being held on a half-million dollars bail.