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Well, well, well... EPA digs for chromium-6 in Burbank and Glendale


Photo by Mark Kelley via Flickr Creative Commons

The San Fernando Valley's aero-tech industry may have been dismantled decades ago but its carcinogens live on in local water wells. 

Chromium-6, the toxic contaminant brought to widespread attention by Erin Brockovich, has been detected in groundwater, however the extent of contamination in unknown.

In an effort to determine the reach of the underground spread, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be installing thirty wells in Glendale and Burbank "to figure out whether the areas [where] we don't have wells have contamination," EPA project manager Lisa Hanusiak told the L.A. Times

Data from the new wells will enhance the picture already being developed from the area's existing monitoring stations. For the next two years, groundwater samples will be collected by the EPA every three months, according to a city report.


Simmer down, Burbank and South Pasadena have tanks

burbank and south pasadena tanks swat peacemaker

Photo by Chuck Coker via Flickr Creative Commons

This is something you probably don't ever want to see.

Employing the Mortimer and Randolph Duke usual amount, the South Pasadena Police Department has acquired a tank from the Burbank Police Department for $1. Maybe someone really did lose a bet.

Last week, the city took delivery of the "Peacekeeper," a U.S. Air Force surplus "armor-framed, gasoline-powered vehicle on a heavy-duty Dodge truck chassis" that requires "no special training to operate," said authorities, reports the Burbank Leader.

Seeing no action other than SWAT exercises, the Peacekeeper kept the peace through silent intimidation during its time in Burbank. Its main function is in rescue operations to create a "a barrier between a potential shooter and a resident or police officer," said Burbank Police Lt. John Dilbert.

South Pasadena's 35-officer agency, previously having to rely on SWAT assistance from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, is boosting its own SWAT capabilities with training and equiptment.