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City Attorney Carmen Trutanich files papers to run for reelection


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City Attorney Carmen Trutanich filed papers today to run for reelection.

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich may have lost in his attempt to become District Attorney, but he’s hoping voters will keep him around as the city’s top attorney for another four years.

Trutanich filed papers today with the Ethics Commission, which allows him to begin fundraising for the 2013 race. He will face Assemblyman Mike Feuer and attorneys Gregory Smith and Eduardo Angeles.

When Trutanich ran for district attorney earlier this year, he broke a 2009 pledge to refrain from running for another office while he was still city attorney. As a candidate, Trutanich promised to donate $100,000 to LA’s BEST and to publish a full-page newspaper ad that states “I am a liar” if he broke the pledge. This week, Trutanich delivered $30,000 to the after-school program after being called out by the L.A. Weekly. The “I am a liar” ad has not been published.


LA City Council supports ban on therapies to "convert" gay minors

warsaw waving a rainbow flag

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The Los Angeles City Council celebrated LGBT Heritage Month by endorsing a state bill to ban therapies that "convert" homosexual minors to heterosexuals.

A state bill that would ban therapies that seek to "convert" minors from homosexual to heterosexual was unanimously endorsed today by the Los Angeles City Council.. 

The vote came as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other city leaders celebrated the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. 

State Sen. Ted Lieu, D-El Segundo, introduced SB 1172 to prevent psychotherapists from performing “sexual orientation change efforts” on anyone under the age of 18.

“This doesn’t work. It’s not just that parents are wasting their money on therapists who are engaging in what is really junk science, it’s also dangerous,” Lieu told the city council. “The American Psychiatric Association has said this poses great dangers, can lead to self-hatred, depression, in some cases suicide.”


Carmen Trutanich's ad in district attorney's race is a bit of deja vu

Carmen Trutanich Campaign Ad

Carmen Trutanich Campaign

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's television spot for his campaign for district attorney hit the airwaves today.

Just hours after another candidate for district attorney sent reporters a copy of his television commercial, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich released his TV spot – and the two political ads are eerily similar.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson released a copy of his television spot this morning, although the ad will not run on broadcast stations until next week. Trutanich’s commercial hit broadcast and cable stations this morning.

In his ad, Trutanich highlights his experience as an attorney and gang prosecutor. He also talks about the importance of improving DNA testing and supporting programs for youths. Jackson's spot follows the same storyline.

So, just how similar are the two commercials? Both campaign spots:

  • Start with the men sitting in large leather chairs behind desks
  • Feature the candidates walking behind police tape with two officers
  • Highlight the candidates' experiences prosecuting gang members
  • Show the candidates in laboratories talking about the importance of using technology to solve crimes
  • Advocate for crime prevention programs aimed at youths
  • Show kids playing basketball outside


Maven's Morning Coffee: investigation into assessor expands, LA approves Responsible Banking Ordinance

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District Attorney Steve Cooley says he is expanding the investigation into the county assessor John Noguez.

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Today is Wednesday, May 16, and here is what's happening in Los Angeles:


An investigation into the county assessor is growing as the district attorney intends to seek grand jury indictments, according to the Los Angeles Times. D.A. Steve Cooley says county employees are being told by their union leadership not to cooperate with the investigation. "They're telling potential witnesses that, until they get permission from the No. 1 target, they can't talk," he said.

Banks doing business with the city of Los Angeles will now have to disclose details on their loans and foreclosures in the community thanks to a Responsible Banking Ordinance, reports the Los Angeles Times. Those details, which are already reported under federal law, will now appear on a city website that residents can search by census tract.