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Audit: Los Angeles officials don't know how many parking lots are in the city (updated)

Los Angeles City Hall

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

An audit from Controller Wendy Greuel finds the city is unable to track the true inventory of parking lots in Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles receives $85 million a year in taxes from parking lot operators, but an audit released today finds the city could be entitled to more funds if it knew how many parking lots actually exist.

The audit from Controller Wendy Greuel identifies 1,900 parking lots in the city. However, officials are unable to say if that is a complete inventory. The Office of Finance contracts with a company called The Parking Network to track unreported parking lots or lot operators who are not paying their fair share of the parking occupancy tax.

“One of my greatest concerns for the city is the uncollected debt owed to the city, including parking lot operators who owe the city millions of dollars,” Greuel said. “The city needs to have processes in place to ensure, with a high degree of certainty, that uncollected money isn’t being left on the table at a time when the city needs it most.”