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Copper theft epidemic meets a rash of illegal metal yards

copper pipe

Photo by tanakawho via Flickr Creative Commons

A suspected copper thief was arrested last week by LAPD detectives after DNA tests from clothing left at the scene pointed to the man.

The story of Edward Curtis Menhaffy, 28, is the "classic tale of drug addict who steals to maintain his habit," said Lt. Paul Vernon, commanding officer of the Mission Detective Division in a news release.

Property crimes often go unsolved and "are the real whodunits," Vernon added, calling DNA, "a genetic digital photograph after the fact."

Menhaffy was arrested on August 16 at his residence in Panorama City, less than two miles from a house where new copper pipes had been cut away months earlier.

Police say the case presents the full anatomy of a copper theft:

  • Drug addicted suspect
  • Capering in close proximity to his home
  • On the hunt for an easy victim
  • Entering an apparent unoccupied home
  • Looking for a prize that can easily be resold for cash
  • Detectives found more copper piping at Menhaffy’s home when he was arrested.