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Pickup slams into 106-year-old Huntington Beach church, injuring driver

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The Warren Avenue Baptist Church, located at 7360 Warner Ave. in Huntington Beach, was hit by a pickup truck on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. The structure sits close to the street and has been hit by vehicles before, according to the church's pastor.

A Huntington Beach pastor got an unpleasant surprise this morning when a truck blew through a red light and slammed into his church, smashing a corner out of the 106-year-old building.

“I heard a loud, loud crash,” Pastor Steve Orman of Warner Avenue Baptist Church told KPCC. Running outside, Orman saw a pickup truck had jumped the curb and smashed into the building -- in fact, he said, it had dented a light post, hit the church’s brick steps, “took the whole corner right out” of the building, then flipped backwards and landed on the opposite steps, smashed up and with its airbag deployed.

“There were people trying to check on the driver. Witnesses said he went through the light at about 50 miles an hour.”

Orman said he “was in pretty bad shape,” noting that the Huntington Beach Fire Department “had to cut him out” of the wreck. Fire Capt. Jeff Lopez told the Associated Press that the driver suffered significant injuries and was taken to a local trauma center. No one else appears to have been hurt.


Mother and three children injured in Ventura County accident, child in stroller spared


Police investigate a crash in Thousand Oaks where a woman and three of her four children were injured.

A mother and her three young girls were struck by a van in a horrific traffic accident in Thousand Oaks yesterday afternoon -- and a fourth child in a stroller was pushed out of the way just in time, according to police.

The crash occurred just before 2 p.m. Tuesday in a busy crosswalk on the 2600 block of Thousand Oaks Boulevard, KNBC reports, when a man driving a white van plowed into the family. Witnesses said they heard a boom and saw the woman and children sprawled on the pavement, according to KNBC.

The crosswalk has no stoplights, just flashing yellow lights and white paint on the ground. Apparently the driver didn’t notice people were crossing.

The mother did see the van coming at the last instant, however, and “gave the stroller a big push” out of harm’s way, said a spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department.


Adult killed, 7-month-old critically injured in three-car crash in Huntington Beach

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Bolsa Chica Street at Tasman Drive in Huntington Beach

One person was killed and a 7-month-old infant critically injured in a three-car crash in Huntington Beach this morning, police said.

The crash occurred at 7:30 a.m. today on Bolsa Chica Street near Tasman Drive when an orange Ford Bronco drifted into oncoming traffic and smashed into a silver Honda, the Orange County Register reports. A third car then ran into the wreckage.

The Bronco was overturned during the crash and came to a stop with its wheels in the air, according to the Register.

Two other people were also injured in the crash, though not seriously. No names have been released. Huntington Beach police spent the morning investigating the scene.


Four hurt, three arrested after pickup rams through motel wall in Sylmar

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A driver lost control of his pickup truck and rammed it through the wall at the Roxford Motel in Sylmar.

Four people were injured after a driver lost control of his pickup truck and smashed through the wall of a motel in Sylmar.

The crash at the Roxford Motel on North San Fernando Road happened at about 9:20 a.m. yesterday after a 62-year-old man had a “medical issue,” according to the LA Daily News. Police said his gray Toyota Tundra suddenly jumped the curb and plowed into the motel’s front room about 15 feet away, with three people inside the room. KNBC captured the above image of the wreck from its news helicopter.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Matt Spence said the three people in the motel room were hospitalized, one in critical condition. Firefighters had to free the driver from the wreckage, and he was hospitalized in fair condition.

Weirdly, the three people injured inside the motel were all wanted by the law, according to the Daily News report, which cites police as saying that the two men “decided to walk out of the hospital because they were wanted on outstanding felony warrants.”


Woman trapped in SUV following canyon crash near Simi Valley

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A woman suffered moderate injuries after sending her SUV over the edge of Santa Susana Road in Box Canyon.

A woman took a scary spill in her SUV by sending it over the edge of a steep, boulder-strewn slope in Box Canyon near Simi Valley, but was OK after rescuers retrieved her from the vehicle Wednesday morning.

The Ventura County Star reports that the woman drove off Santa Sunsana Road in Box Canyon “in an apparent suicide attempt.” NBC provided the above alarming photo of the vehicle lodged in the canyon about 50 feet below the road.

Although some reports originally said she was trapped in the SUV all night before her rescue, investigators say it’s unclear exactly when the crash occurred. A passerby noticed the vehicle and called authorities at about 6:45 a.m. Wednesday, according to reports.

The Star says the 35-year-old woman from Chatsworth suffered only moderate injuries. She was taken to Simi Valley Hospital.