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Credit cards cancelled in San Bernardino as bankruptcy crisis charges forward

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Steven Cuevas / KPCC

San Bernardino city council.

The bankruptcy crisis in San Bernardino charges forward with the news that city credit cards have been cut off.

City Manager Andrea Travis-Miller told members of city council that credit firms had cancelled the city’s cards. Even the gas cards. 

Travis-Miller spoke with KPCC about San Bernardino’s debt, saying the deficit could grow as municipal employees flee the fiscal fiasco.

"We are now paying cash for all of our goods and services. We have had many employees come to us and indicate that they plan to leave e organization. I was told that we had upward of 25 people at Cal-PERS filing for retirement or at least investigating that possibility. So our estimates of payout values have grown exponentially."

San Bernardino city council is preparing to vote on whether to file for bankruptcy in the face of a $45 million deficit. Declaring bankruptcy would allow the city to restructure its debt.