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Time running out to park at broken meters in Los Angeles

Mercer 3868

Corey Moore/KPCC

The luxury of parking at a broken parking meter is about to be a thing of the past in the city of Los Angeles.

If Angelenos think they’ve gotten lucky by pulling up to a broken parking meter, they better think again because the practice is about to become a thing of the past. 

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has long had a policy that drivers could park at broken, coin-operated meters as long as they followed the posted time limits. Two years ago, LADOT officials began installing high-tech parking meters that warned drivers they could not park in the spot if the meter was inoperable.

A new state law, SB 1388, allows drivers to park at broken meters – unless their local municipality opts out of the law. In Los Angeles, transportation officials plan to ask the city council to approve an ordinance that will prohibit anyone from parking at a broken parking meter. The new state law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2013.