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Disneyland's $1 million Matterhorn makeover


Photo by Disney via Getty Images

Senator Edward M. Kennedy visits the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California (1960)

No one will be coming around the mountain of the Matterhorn Bobsled ride for the next six months as Disneyland doles out an extreme makeover to its popular, abominable snowman-inhabited attraction.

In one of the most extensive ride overhauls in the park's history, the improved version of the Matterhorn will feature new bobsled cars/seats, and a mountain that's freshly coated in new painted snow. City of Anaheim permits describe the work as a $1 million project, notes the L.A. Times.

Officials said no major track changes are planned for the roller coaster, and that no plans currently exist to tie-in the Matterhorn revamp with a new, Swiss Alps-themed Walt Disney Studios film in development.




A beard is a wish your face makes: Disney revises facial hair policy

Photo by Rishi Menon via Flickr Creative Commons

Disney, for the first time in its fixed and fastidious history, is allowing theme park workers in California and Florida to grow beards and goatees beginning Feb. 3. Princesses, beware of stubble burn.

"Here you leave clean-shaven and enter world of wooly, rough, and whiskered." 

The park personnel prohibition on cultivating facial fuzz began when Disneyland opened in the 1950s, and the policy went unchanged for decades. In 2000, a tweak to allow for mustaches was made, but only if the lip-loungers tufted up over a vacation, and were not developed on Walt's time.

Company officials decided now was a good time to give the hair policy a healthy trim, according to a Disney spokeswoman. 

Follicle fun aside, a new crop of rule changes has also introduced "casual Fridays" to employees that do not interact with park visitors.