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'Brazen' burglary at Echo Park fire station while crew rested upstairs

Echo Park Fire Station

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Echo Park Fire Station on Sunset near Alvarado

Echo Park Fire Station 20 is in the process of upgrading security protocols after a brash burglary at their Sunset Boulevard headquarters last week.  

Capt. Richard Denning, who called the break-in "unsettling,” said the pilferage took place as fire trucks were parked in the house, and crews were upstairs resting. It was "a brazen attack,” he said, reports the Eastsider LA.

Personal electronics and department items like firefighter boots and pants were stolen. Some department items were reportedly found in nearby dumpsters at the corner of Sunset and Mohawk Street.

The Eastsider LA blog said that a Rampart detective said the crooks came in through an open back door that was ajar due to a rope. "This was a crime of opportunity as the rear door was left open by a firefighter arriving to work to start his shift," detective Mario Mota told the blog.


Echo Park's 'Quinceañera' mural, now half off

Echo Park 'Quinceañera' mural

Photo courtesy of the Eastsider LA

Inspired by the ritual coming-of-age celebration for Latinas, Echo Park's "Quinceañera" mural on Logan Street became the focus of a neighborhood fracas when a new tenant began sandblasting the large-scale piece.

The mural was painted in 1996 by Theresa Powers on of the exterior of Pescado Mojado seafood restaurant, soon to be a Señor Fish location.

Mural removal was halted immediately after the artist, now living in San Antonio, changed her mind about documenting and preserving the piece, the Eastsider LA reported.

The Señor Fish crew, however, got caught in the net of "social networking speculation," notes KCET, prompting response from the offices of District 13, Cultural Affairs, and the Mural Conservancy, despite the operation being in complete accordance with mandates protecting artists rights.


Bob Barker came on down to Echo Park for PETA headquarters opening

Pets New Year Resolutions

Photo credit: Damian Dovarganes/AP

Dec. 13, 2011: Retired game show host Bob Barker holds his 8-year-old rabbit Mr. Rabbit at his home in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Don't forget to spay or neuter your hipsters!, a certain type of cynical person might say about the reception for PETA's West Coast headquarters in Echo Park, and the Bob Barker appearance therein. Ironyception.

It is the case, however, that the longtime animal-advocate Bob Barker did come on down Thursday night for the red-carpet, grand opening event, the Eastsider LA recounts.

Nearby restaurants Mohawk Bend, Elf, and Sage Organic Vegan provided food, local celebrities walked the red carpet, and Barker -- whose $2.5 million donation helped convert the former Art Deco-style auto showroom on Sunset Boulevard into the eco/pet-friendly hub -- held court on a swanky rooftop wood deck." Welcome to Echo Park, circa 2012," the Eastsider LA aptly notes.

The new offices are bringing in 60 jobs, and will house a number of PETA's campaign, outreach and media departments.


Weapons of muck destruction found in Echo Park lake drain

guns firearms echo park lake

Photo via The Eastsider LA

Ready, drain, fire. 

Waterlogged weapons went on display Tuesday night at a progress meeting for the Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project, reports the Eastsider LA

Though it was unclear how long the firearms had been underwater, there was speculation the rifle might be a World War II-era weapon.

No bodies (or bodiless heads, thank goodness) surfaced during the lake drain. Instead, the muck revealed a collection of routine and rusty relics.

Like a La Brea tar pit of ill-fame, the lake funk was hiding such wannabe fossils as pay telephones, toys, shopping carts, hubcabs, traffic cones, hundreds of glass bottles, and a toilet.

$65 million is being spent to clean Echo Park Lake, and a wetland around the island is also being developed as part of the rehabilitation effort.

The water quality improvement project is on track to be finished in May 2013, said officials at Tuesday's meeting.